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The castle in Ravadinovo

Perhaps only few of you have heard of it, and those who have seen it tell stories about it. Sounds interesting and mysterious, right? Its name is “In love with the wind” – a fairy castle, who attracts everyone who see it. It’s like from another time, unreal and mystical. When you’re there you feel like you’re on an imaginary place.


Don’t worry this castle is real. It is located near the village Ravadinovo and here are some other interesting locations near by:

  • Sozopol – 6 km
  • Duni – 6,9 km
  • Chernomorets – на 8,7 km
  • Arkutino – 8,9 km
  • Primorsko – 18,2 km

Although the castle is not ready yet, anyone who wishes to take a look of it, is welcome. At the entrance you will go through a massive stone gate with a drawbridge. Inside you will find a magnificent garden, a chapel and stone stairs will lead you to the banquet hall, on the walls of which are hung reproductions of masterpieces by famous artists. White and black swans are swimming in the lake while different animals are walking around.

The castle is made of stones that change their color depending on the sun light. That makes it even more interesting for the visitors. The gorgeous garden is decorated with fountains, stone statues and many more. Another sites are: the giant lantern and the Eagle of steel.

The lovers of fine wines will also be intrigued by the unique winery that can be found there. It is furnished with a huge carved table and chairs made ​​of wood, and the guests feel like royalty while tasting of the homemade wines.

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