Tesla, sea and sun? Sounds great!

You can rent Tesla Model S during your vacation in Bulgaria

Top Rent A Car decided to make happy all fans of electric cars with more attractive rental prices and conditions of Tesla Model S. The luxury electromobile now is available for 2-day rentals. The option for short rental will give to many people the opportunity to try the car and to rent it for their weekend trip or other occasion.

There is also a positive change in the rental prices which are more attractive than before. In addition to its Top Rent A Car changed the prices of the full protection service and this is quite good because this additional extra ensure your peace of mind during the rental of a luxury car. The security deposit is also affected by the changes and now is lower than before which make the rental of Tesla more accessible. Learn more about the full rental conditions and the technical specifications here.

If you are looking to rent Tesla Model S, we advise you to hurry with your reservation because the class is preferred for weddings, business meetings and other special occasions with professional chauffeur from Top Rent A Car. And in Bulgaria at the moment, apart from being the peak of the holiday season, is also the season of weddings.