How we prepare the cars before every rent?

For us from the company Top Rent A Car the cleanliness and neat appearance of the cars are priorities. Now in the conditions of a pandemic we are paying special attention and care. After each rental, the car is thoroughly disinfected and prepared for the next one. You can be sure that the car you rented has been thoroughly cleaned by our employees, who strictly comply the anti-epidemic safety measures.

Characteristic of the vision of our cars and a compulsory component is their branding. Our distinctive company and information stickers are not related to the activity of cleaning and disinfection, but as they are part of the company’s policy, they are a key element of servicing each car before rent.

Once our team makes sure that the branding is available, we proceed to a set of procedures for preparation before rent – mandatory steps for a comfortable and trouble-free travel with a clean and tidy car.

Here is how this preparation works:

1. Completion with the necessary consumables – emergency kit, two-sided protocol, spare tire kit, etc.
2. Check for technical condition – fuel, liquids, oil, tire pressure
3. Supply with the necessary documents – valid insurance + sticker, valid annual technical inspection, vehicle registration certificate
4. Washing in a car wash – first external and then internal cleaning
5. Disinfection of the car interior with a detergent whose content strictly meets the requirements for basic disinfection
6. Placing a sign with marked mandatory checks on the maintenance of the car so that each customer can be sure of them

You can see footage of the cleaning in the following video:

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We wish You a pleasant and fresh trip with Top Rent A Car 😊