Inside Lovech cars


This Saturday the newly built car plant near Lovech first opened its doors for journalists. The factory is fully equipped – the assembly lines were installed and tested, the team is trained and ready for work. The manufacturing process is carried out on Japanese model – the Toyota production system  – TPS.

car hire in BulgariaInitially the factory will work with assembled components from China. From port  Varna will be delivered the  vehicle constructions that will be equipped with all the necessary elements in the factory.

The plan is the halls for painting and spot welding to be ready in the next two years. There will be using parts manufactured by other Bulgarian companies.

Although the plant opening is planned to be more  than two months later, in the halls everything is in place – on both sides of the assembly line are precisely arranged the various parts that will be used in the cars, and on each workstation is placed pictures with the  names of the team.

Currently, the planth as produced 10 test vehicles not intended for the market.

Officially the plant will be launched in February 2012 with three models – Voleex C10, Steed 5 and Hoover H5, and by the end of 2012 on the assembly line will be uploaded two more, one of which will be a mid-sized sedan Voleex C30.

The models are certified in the UK, covering the Euro 5 and European safety standards, explained from Litex Motors.

By 2014 the capacity of the plant will reach a production of 50,000 cars to be sold across Europe. There will also be produced Great Wall cars with right direction, which will be exported for the UK market.

As you already know, all five models who are going to be assembled at the factory in 2012 can be equipped with a Lpi  gas system (Liquid Propane Injection). It works without the evaporator, reduces fuel costs and increases the dynamic characteristics of the car.

In his homeland, Steed 5 is the best-selling pickup, and Hoover H5 is the second in the SUV class after Honda CR-V. Also successful is the model Voleex C30, which was awarded the title Family Car of the Year in China.
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