Great car accessories for holiday trip

We’ve selected a short list of car accessories that can be useful for your holiday trip. Here they are: Roof box, Bike Carrier, Battery charger, car vacuum cleaner and first aid kit.
All these accessories will provide you with great comfort no matter what season is.

  1. Roof box

    Equipped with extra luggage box like this you will be able to find a solution for your small trunk space. Roof boxes can be mounted on every car, all you need are load bars. Disadvantages of these roof boxes are lower aerodynamics of the car and increased fuel consumption.

  2. Bike Carrier

    If you are from those type of people who can’t live without their bicycles, bike carrier is a great solution. You can take your bike wherever you go without any concerns about the luggage space.

  3. Battery charger

    This accessory is very important especially when you travel in the mountains or somewhere far and you need to recharge your car battery. It can save you in difficult situations.

  4. Car vacuum cleaner

    This is not the most important accessory for sure, but it will be great if you have it in your car. It can help to get rid of all the sand and dust after a day on the beach. Your car will be clean and tidy and you’ll enjoy your trip.

  5. First aid kit

    Perhaps this is one of the things you don’t want to happen to you. But it’s mandatory and should persist in every vehicle. First aid kit has the most important medical equipment if injury or car accident happens.