What kind of cars do the young people prefer

Young drivers prefer their future cars to be “intelligent”, economy and protected. According to a research, young people would like their new vehicles to have low fuel consumption, latest car technologies and protection on the road.

Low fuel consumption

Low fuel consumption has always been main goal to the manufacturers. A long time process focusing on minimizing the fuel consumption and cutting the expenses. Very good results have been achieved in this area. Low levels of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are already fact. Moreover, there are many electric vehicles.


Talking about protection, the young drivers would like their cars to be equipped with sensors and technologies, alarming if any danger appear, so the possibility for car accident to be minimized.

Autonomy vehicles

The revolution of technologies is very fast, so we cannot skip the topic about autonomy vehicles. Every fifth young driver would like full autonomy for his/her future car, but the number of those ones who will be satisfied with basic or medium autonomy is a lot bigger. Despite young drivers’ desire for more intelligent vehicles, they are not ready to forget the old ones.

Questions and answers

Questioned „what is the main advantage of the autonomy vehicles“, they answer as follow:

  • reducing the risk of car accident;
  • reducing the driving stress;
  • reducing the traffic jams;


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