10 useful tips for travelling

Here you will read some very useful travel tips.

Travel Tips

1. Make your reservations online in advance.
Nowadays it is easy to make your reservations online, which is very comfortable and saves time and money. Book your flight, rental car and hotel using internet. There are a lot of sites and systems, which offer bookings at few easy steps.

2. Put a dehydrator on the bottom of your suitcases.
This will keep your clothes fresh and wouldn`t change it perfume smell. On longer trips we suggest to put more dehydrator among your clothes.

3. Roll your clothes.
Making rolls from your clothes instead of its folding will save space. Try it, and you will be impressed by the effect.

4. Put a little cut paper between your clothers, which should be folded.
This will protect your clothes from wrinkling.

5. Use a jewelry case for your jewels and valuable things.
This will avoid unpleasant entanglement, and will save your nerves.

6. Arrange your charge devices in bag or case.
Entanglement of the chargers is very unpleasent, and nowadays the people are using more different devices – phones, tablets and etc, thats why they use a lot of chargers.

7. When packing put your socks in your shoes to save space.

8. Prepare the products for your personal care in sizes and doses, which are convenient for trips.
You could buy a lot of products, which are already packed in convenient doses. But these, which you can not buy from the shops, you could resize it using a small bottles.

9. Put your soap, towel and bathrobe at the same sack

10. If you carry a fragile things, wrap it in cotton or paper.

Keep in mind – making your reservations in advance could save you time and money.
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