10 of the most annoying hotel room issues

(and how to handle with them)

The list includes some issues that we know and there are more for sure. We’ve added some tips on how to deal with the issues and to spend your time better.
Неудобни контакти

Not enough sockets

Nowadays most of us are traveling with cell phone, laptop or tablet. When you finally arrive in the hotel room and you want to charge the battery of your laptop, you realize that the sockets are hard to reach or missing at all.

Ask for power strip on the reception (or bring one with you). This way you’ll have enough sockets for your mobile devices and chargers.

Thin curtains

Sometimes it is nice to wake up from the sun, but sometimes (especially after a tough night in Sunny Beach or Golden Sands) the sun light is burning your face when you want to sleep. This is because the curtains are very thin.

Bring eye covers. It will help in situation like this and also if your partner likes to read a book at night with lights switched on.
Noisy hallways

Noisy hallways

Noise door closing, noisy talking, noisy vacuum cleaners and so on. It definitely doesn’t sounds like vacation.

Ask for a room far from the exits and elevators. Just in case bring ear plugs and mp3 player.

Either slow speed Wi-Fi, or expensive fee for it

Almost everybody need Internet more or less. It can be very annoying when the Internet speed is slow, or you should pay extra to use it.
First ask if Wi-Fi Internet is included in the price. Very few hotels will assure you that the speed of the Internet is fast. To make sure that you’ll have Internet everywhere, even in rent a car and on the beach, book 3G Wi-Fi from our website.

Wi-Fi from TRC

No mini bar

The advantage of the mini bar is that even taking nothing from it, you can use it as a fridge. Unfortunately many hotels start to remove the mini bar.

When you make a booking ask if there is a mini bar in your room.

If you find sweets or water in the room, first check if it is free

Many hotels offers drinks and food for its guests but not for free. Read carefully before consume.

Before get into the room visit the near store and buy what you want. It will be more cheaper for sure.
Do not disturb

Annoying maids

Your room must be private, but the maids are coming again and again knocking on the door, and disturbing you.

Put the sign „Do not disturb” or speak with the reception.

Narrow rooms

Sometimes more rooms mean less space. It can be very inconvenient for the customers if their room is too small.

Always read the feedback before you book a hotel and look at the pictures.

Transparent bathroom walls

It can be awkward situation if you share the room with somebody else.

Talk to each other to avoid the awkward situation. Look at the pictures!
Old furniture

Old furniture

It´s up to you if you´ll like the furniture or not, but for us it is annoying to get into hotel room where the covers of the bed, pillows and carpets are not renewed for years.

Double check the photos!

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