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Souvenir from Bulgaria

The tourists are very excited when visiting new place, discovering unknown culture and a whole new world. We will offer you some unique souvenirs and gifts from our country.


The connoisseurs of good wine must take advantage of the wonderful Bulgarian wines. Bulgaria is one of the largest wine producers in Europe. Three Bulgarian wines were awarded with gold medals on the prestigious international competition Mundus Vini 2014:

  • Katarzyna Reserva 2010
  • Encore Syrah 2012
  • Encore Malbec 2012

Another drink that you shouldn’t miss is rakia. Rakia is a traditional strong alcoholic drink. We recommend you to buy rose rakia – it’s rakia of roses, which is unique to our country.

Rose products

Bulgaria is famous worldwide with its roses, so do not forget to take a souvenir made ​​of roses like: vial with rose water, rose oil, etc.. You can visit the village of Skobelevo near Kazanlak to learn how the rose oil is obtained, and also to buy products made of roses: damascena.net

Hand-made ​​products

Those of you who are connoisseurs of fine handmade could buy a variety of ceramic, wood, glass or leather.

When you buy souvenir you would like it to carry the spirit of Bulgaria. Take advantage of our offers for souvenirs and gifts. Top Rent A Car offers car rental to all destinations and resorts in Bulgaria. Contact us at our national phone: 0700 890 50 or visit our web page: toprentacar.bg