Top Rent A Car – Official Video

Top Rent A Car Video

What you can see in the video?

We are glad to introduce you the official video of the leading car hire company in Bulgaria – Top Rent A Car. It took us a lot of hard work making this video, but you will see it’s piece of art!
What you can see in the video? Well, the first thing to notice is our beautiful Top Rent A Car girl. It’s going to be hard for you not watching the whole video thanks to Stefi. You will also see quick web site presentation of Т – the best car rental web site in Bulgaria and a short walkthrough tutorial for making a car hire reservation online.

The whole video has been recorded with professional High Definition camera in professional studio, 3D effects was added, as well as some sound mastering. Of course the video wouldn’t have happened without our two stars – Stefi and

Thanks everyone involved in making our official video, enjoy watching it!