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Renault Captur 2014 – video presentation

Short video presentation of Renault Captur 2014.

We made a short video presentation of the brand new car Renault Captur, with year of manufacturing 2014 offered by Top Rent A Car. Renault Captur is beautiful, modern and affordable crossover directed to lovers of higher cars. In addition attractive design, it offers many extras like starting button. In the video you can see the car from all sides. Furthermore, you will see the most commonly used size suitcases, and how out of the trunk fit. The agent of Top Rent A Car demonstrates the trunk capacity.

The car belongs to the compact class, but offers the convenience of higher vehicles. It has a powerful but quite economical engines for its class. Great for urban and non-urban conditions, thanks to the combination of agile engine and great size. The cabin is very spacious – it can carry safely up to 5 people and equipment makes it perfect for all conditions.

Top Rent a Car offers Renault Captur on prices from 22 euro a day on one week rental.