Conflict of interests in the car hire online services

Few of the major car hire brands are now in conflict. And that reflects on their customers. On 1st of April, two leading companies will not use listings from Orbitz and Cheap Tickets any more. This is because they could not agree on a new contract.  The move represents a deadlock over the fees that car hire companies must pay to list their bookings with online travel agencies. The services of  Orbitz and Cheap Tickets  were used for years from this big companies. Now they will be replaced. 


If  you want to make a reservation on that companies, the only way will be from their official web sites, or shop at other major online travel agencies and search engines. This car rental spat isn’t the only one that Orbitz is dealing with. American Airlines flights are also not displayed on Orbitz because os similar contract dispute. In that case, Expedia has taken sides with Orbitz and has also dropped most American fares from its site.