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Chevrolet Captiva – video presentation

Short video presentation of the famous SUV Chevrolet Captiva.

We made a short video presentation of the beautiful SUV Chevrolet Captiva, offered by Top Rent A Car. It is extremely convenient, very passable, thanks to it system for 4 wheel driving. It makes it perfect at any conditions. In addition is very easy to drive it, because of its automatic transmission. Furthermore, you will see the most commonly used size suitcases, and how out of the trunk fit. The agent of Top Rent A Car demonstrates the trunk capacity.

Chevrolet Captiva is typical representative of class SUV, extremely comfortable, with many extras, automatic transmission and option to transport up to 7 passengers. The trunk is very large, the cabin is comfortable and large too. The system 4×4 makes it very liked, because of its possibilities to drive on any type of road.

Top Rent a Car offers Chevrolet Captiva on prices from 50 euro a day on one week rental.