How to take care for your car

Advices how to take care of your car

Cars have become an indispensable part of everyday life for many people. They require care, to be able to be optimally used. Here you will find a few tips that will help you to feel safe and can rely on your car when you need it.

How regularly to take care of our car

How regularly to take care of our car

1. Make sure that the vehicle has all required insurances

Regularly check the expire period of your obligatory insurance “Liability”. It will be useful in the event that your vehicle is damaged from others. Supplementary insurances are very helpful – they bear the cost of your vehicle for damage, whether you have guilt or not.

2. Make copies of the documents of the car

Carrying the original documents in the car is not advisable and even dangerous in case of theft. You could copy the documents and try to take less originals as possible. Certain documents are required for inspection by the police, so you can carry it with yourself, but do not leave it in the car.

3. Always remember where you store the documents for the servicing of the car

The cars require periodic maintenance. It is imperative when you have travelled the mileage that are prescribed by the manufacturer. For example, changing the oil, changing filters, changing belts and rollers, check the cooling system, check the braking system etc. It is good these service to be on time, but not later than the indicated period. For this purpose, you should always know where are these documents, so it will be easier for the proper and timely service.

4. Check the tire pressure

Tire pressure is very important for the proper functioning of the car. On the Internet you can find the optimal tire pressure for your car according to the manufacturer. Usually, each gas station has a device which measures the pressure. It is advisable to check it at least once a week, and definitely before a long trip.

5. Keep an eye on the level and quality of the oil

The oil is a very important component. It should be clean to lubricate the engine. Cue for oil has a ruler and you could check the level on it. Constantly have to watch out, if it is within limits or whether it is blackened. It should be replaced every 8-10000 km.  along with the oil filter and air filter. If it level decreased before you passed the stated  miles, it probably has a leak and should refill, but if the large amount of oil is missing, we advise you to go to the repair service.

6. The brakes should be checked at least once a year

We advice you when you change oil and filter to check the brakes. It has important meaning for safety when braking and as the soles of your shoes wear out and has to be replaced

7. Learn to monitor the status of the vehicle’s fluids

They are: motor oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, washer fluid. If any of these liquids has decreased – pour and decreases periodically check if a leak – if  when you park under or around your car has leaks should go to the service.

8. You should know how to replace a flat tire

Flat tire can happen to anyone. This is not a serious problem if you have a spare tire and tools for you to install it. It takes about 15 minutes and you need jack, wheels key and gloves.

9. Bring the following items, it could be helpful in emergencies:

– Kit for emergency medical care
– At least 2 liters of drinking water
– Working flashlight
– Warm jacket
– Raincoat
– Rope

10. Wash and keep your car clean

Your vehicle should be clean and well maintained. Internally and externally, but is also good to be clean and under the hood. You can wash the car with preparations and toadstool, or drive it to the car wash. Put organizer in the trunk, it will save space.