New projects for prevention of car accidents

European Road Safety CharterNew interesting project for prevention of car accidents, developed by the European Union, will be presented today by the “Отворена младеж” (Open minded Youth).

Focus of the project

The project focuses on road safety and will be announced at 4:00 p.m. in the Youth Theatre “Nikolay Binev”. Those of you who attend on the event will be able to see and try out specially designed scales, which may indicate the weight of a person hit with a certain speed. The scale is designed to shows what will be the weight when person is hit with each of the fixed speed restrictions in city and urban ones (50, 90 or 130 km/h).

Another interesting tools that will be submitted are drug and alcohol glasses. The idea about ​​these glasses is to visualize the vision of a man after using the banned from the Law substances. That way would be researched all the possible reactions in such situation. These and other appropriate tools for the prevention of road accidents you can see on the event  “Младежта в действие” (Youth in Action) powered by the European Union.

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