Tips when using the brakes

Tips when using the brakes

Nowadays most of the cars are equipped with anti-blocking system ABS, used to prevent blocking of the wheels when sudden push of the brakes or when braking on slippery surface. Not many drivers know how to react properly in situation like this. That's why we offer you some tips how to handle with it.

Without ABS

If the car doesn't have ABS, it leads to blocking of the wheels and impossibility of controlling the car direction. The vehicle will slide on the surface and continue straight. Therefor if the vehicle has rear wheel drive, you should stop pushing the gas pedal and turn the steering wheel into the sliding direction. If front wheel drive, the procedure is opposite.

Driving on the highway

When you drive on the highway it is harder to stop, compared to driving in the city, because if you have to push the brakes with 120 km/h, you need to be very concentrated, fast and experienced. It will be better if you've passed special classes or at least practiced it before. Unfortunately, there are not many drivers who know how to stop correctly in situation like this. When you want your vehicle to stop safety you have to follow only two steps.

  • To effectively stop, just press the brake pedal. This way you will use the force of the engine and the gearbox to slow down;
  • Try to direct the car in a safe area. There is no need to do anything else;

To avoid a collision it is important to consider the distance. Always mind the speed limits, road and weather conditions too.