How to return a rental car fast and easy?

How to return a rental car fast and easy?

The "Renta А car" service allows you to drive your chosen car for a predetermined period which must be strictly observed, under the terms of the contract. Every renter is obligated to read these terms in advance and with renting the car he is signing that he read and agreed with the conditions of this contract.

Whether you are renting a car through our website:, on our National telephone number: 0700 890 50 or on place in our office: Office Sofia Airport, Office Varna Airport, Office Varna downtown, Office Burgas Airport или Office Burgas downtown you are choosing the location and hours for returning the car.

We advise you to plan the return of the vehicle beforehand

  • Consider the distance from your place of return
  • Get informed for the traffic situation and road conditions
  • Be on time at the place for hire a car (one of our offices or specified address by you)

Do not leave all your stuff for the last moment not to miss your flight.

A guarantee for the fast return of the vehicle is the strictly observance of the following points:

  • Bring the car with a full tank as you received it. Check in advance where is the closest petrol station on the way back to refuel the tank immediately before the returning.
  • Ensure that the car is clean and in the same condition in which you receive it.
  • Take care to return the car without damages. It would take time in formalities for both sides.
  • Ensure that the documents and the keys are with you on the returning of the car.
  • Be noticed that the working time is from 09:00 to 19:00. If the vehicle is rented or returned in non working hours an additional fee of 24.00 €.

Please be informed that in case of changes of a date or a time of return you should inform early enough our representatives or use your personal MyTop account to make the change.