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What insurance should I get when renting a car?

When renting a car, you get for free the Collision Damage Waiver insurance (CDW). It reduces your liability in case of damage of the vehicle up to the amount of the security deposit (excess). CDW is valid only if a protocol from the Police Authorities is presented. What all this means? Let us answer the most common questions.

  • CDW – Collision Damage Waiver
  • TP – Theft Protection
  • Full Protection

I was involved in an accident with my car, will I be charged extra for this?

In case of an accident, you need to call the Traffic Police (call 112), then call us. The Police will assist you and issue protocol.

When you pick up your car rental, you will be asked to leave a security deposit (excess). We use POS terminal to block the deposit on your credit card. The amount is 150 – 800 EUR depending on the car class and it won’t be taken from your bank account, just blocked on it. When you return the car, the deposit is unblocked again. It usually needs 3-5 business days the amount to be available in your account (depends on your bank policy).

The standard insurance (CDW+TP) included the rental price, limits your liability in case of an accident up to the amount of a deposit. This means that in case on accident you may be charged for any damage to the vehicle up to the amount of the deposit. The fee covers the damage repair and all missed rental opportunities of the company during the period of the repair.

What happens if I have a flat tire or damaged rim during the rental?

The standard CDW + TP does not cover damage to tires, wheels, windshield, under the chassis and interior of the car. In that case, you may be charged for such damages. If you have purchased "Full Protection" you will not be obligated to pay for this type of damages.

Should I buy insurance?

The extra insurance that you purchase can partly or completely remove your liability in case of damage like parking scratches, traffic accidents, flat tire etc. It is mandatory to have valid protocol from the Police Authorities and to call us. The cost of an extra insurance is between 5 and 9 EUR/day according to the class car but what is more important, it guarantees you peace of mind during the entire rental.

What is the policy about "Parking damages"?

Parking damages are the most common type of damage. When you have paid extra for "Full Protection" insurance you will not be fined for the damage. You need only to inform us about the accident and to contact Traffic Police (call 112), who will assist you in filling the protocol.

You can always choose the "Full Protection" insurance during the online booking process or in our office when you pick up the reserved car.