What you should know before driving Twizy for the first time?

Technical characteristics

Renault Twizy is a small electric vehicle from new generation, perfect for city driving. It is 450 kg, which is almost two times lighter than Renault Twingo. Compared to the size of Smart, it is a bit shorter and its width is like scooter's. After all these classifications, we can say that Twizy is something between motorcycle and a small car.

Just like the motorcycles, Twizy has two seats, one behind the other. The differences are: seat belts and air bags. For access to the back seat, you should pull forward the front seat. There are 2 glovebox compartments (one of them lockable). Moreover, there is additional deep compartment underneath the driver's seat, it can be locked too.

Renault Twizy is not the most proper vehicle to drive when raining, but it is definitely better than motorbike or scooter. You can drive Twizy when rains, because there is a heated windscreen, a wiper and removable Twizy windows.

It is very easy to charge it with the integrated 3 m cable, hidden into the front flap. You can find charging stations in our offices in Sunny beach and Burgas (Mall Plaza), and in Omnicar (Burgas).

Notice that Twizy has the smallest turning circle of any 4-wheeled vehicle (6,8 m). The absence of steering wheel makes it a little bit difficult to make a full circle from a standing position, but turning when driving is pretty easy. Three Twizys = One parking space.

Mind the open design of the electric vehicle - Renault Twizy and all the curious passersby. We advise you not to leave your belongings without protection in it and also to choose carefully where to park, especially when hire Twizy for one or more days. For your safety, we recommend parking it in a garage or secured parking lot.