Car accident on the road

Car accident on the road

Nobody is insured against any eventual accident on the road. Even the best driver can be involved in car accident.

How to proceed when car accident happen with car rental

Here are few steps of what to do when car accident happen:

  • First of all we should be sure that there are no injured people and also it is safety around.
  • If it's not safety we should put a warning sign, so we can avoid another accident.
  • In case of serious car crash and injures we should give them first aid.
  • You should call 112.
  • You should call Top Rent A Car immediately as well on that phone number 0700 890 50 and tell the customer support about the accident. The company will send a team of professionals right away, and will take care of the vehicle.
  • You should call the police too and inform them about the accident.

If you previously have booked Full insurance we can expect our deposit to be fully or partly returned, no matter if we're responsive about the accident or no. This will happen only if we have protocol from the police, because it assures that the accident is not happened because of alcohol usage or drugs. The protocol is very important, because you're completely responsible about the accident. Read more about the insurance here.

  • The car should be replaced from the place of accident until the time when the police and the company support arrive.
  • It will be good if there are witnesses to have their contacts just in case.
  • At last but not least we have to calm and to be as useful as possible.