Cars from antiquity to their appearance in Bulgaria

Since ancient times, people have wondered how to facilitate their movement. Researches show that even 3000 years BC in Mesopotamia appeared the bicycle. Much later in the year 190 AD the Roman Empire used self-propelled chariot driven by slaves hidden in them.

samohodna kola davinchi Famous Italian architect, inventor, engineer, sculptor and painter of the Renaissance - Leonardo da Vinci designed in the 15th century - very first self-propelled cart from the creation of mankind. It has 2 springs coiled and can travel 40 meters.

About 200 years later in 1765 in Russia, Samsurenkov and Kolibin make cars with pedals that are very similar to the design of Leonardo da Vinci. During the Industrial Revolution, James Watt invented the steam engine, with new measure unit "Horse Power" and the second called "Wat" (named after the inventor). The first steam car was invented by Nicolas Kuno, captain of the French army, military engineer, who in 1769 invented the tricycle driven by a steam boiler. It had intended to pull the cannons of the French army, weighed three tons and can move at a speed of 2 miles per hour, i.e. 10 minutes and had to stop to load with coal.

The progress of the people is increasing. Invented the first internal combustion engine by the Belgian - Jean Josie Fethien, who lived in France in 1858. Two-stroke engine that he invented was powered by coal gas. He received a patent and the engine is very efficient (30% efficiency). Later the French scientist Alphonse de Roshar in 1862 for the first time puts a brochure principle of 4-stroke engine, but the largest merit for 4-stroke engine is of Nikolaus Otto, who perfected the design of de Roshar and Lenoir and makes efficient gas engine as in 1867 created the first stable 4-stroke engine.

balgarska kola na poshtite

In July of 1870. Joseph Raveol makes oil car, and before that in 1864 Ziguit Marcus makes a car with internal combustion even before Otto, but didn’t patent it.

In Bulgaria also began to appear cars. Mercedes was one of the first military vehicles, which has been weapons of the engineering troops of the Bulgarian army.

It is interesting to note that in 1885 Karl Benz began to try his no horse crew (cart with bicycle wheels and the engine flywheel), but his wife was the first sat behind the wheel of this car. Since Benz was not fully aware of how to manage his invention, after he boarded a tricycle he collided with a pile of bricks (the first car accident).

patent za avtomobil.pngkola zadvijvana ot para

On January 29, 1886 Benz received his first patent DAP 37 435 for a steam car and with 3 wheels (the weight of it was 300 kg).

Records show that the first steam car was moving with 15 km / h and was about 0.9 horse power. Benz improved his car 2-3 years later. It has a 3 horsepower. In 1888’s exhibition in Munich, he won a gold medal for his invention.

patent za avtomobil.png

The first bus in the world

Benz Omnibus made by Karl Benz (1895), moving with 15 km / h and capacity of 8 passengers.

Daimler is considered the father of the automobile industry, he created the first 4 wheel car. In 1885 he constructed a 300 cc engine and patented it. Then he sends a postcard to his wife, in which he draws a star with three rays, the symbol of the three types of transport that will be done with his engine (air, land and water). Nowadays this is the emblem of Mercedes. When Daimler made the first Mercedes, which was called "Daimler", then Jelinek, the Austrian consul, have made a Daimler sports car race in Nice. He named one of the sports car in the name of his daughter - Mercedes. Mercedes (from Sp. - Grace). Maibach built in 1901 the very first Mercedes, which was with 4-cylinders, 4 stroke engine and he patented the first carburetor. Around 1900 the world has only about 100 cars and 100 years later, in 2000, if they were all lined up one behind the other, bumper to bumper, they would have 4 times round the equator.

patent za avtomobil.png

Hercules, one of the first buses made in Varna with a Chevrolet chassis. Chevrolet is an American automotive brand of General Motors Corporation. Founded in 1911, Chevrolet Headquarters is located in the city of Detroit, Michigan.

fabrika za koli v bulgaria.png The first workers of Racho Djambov’s factory in 1930, that later became Chavdar factory that has been producing buses.

The first car in Bulgaria is an electric vehicle that comes in 1889 during the reign of Stambolov. Here are the other first things that happen at that time: