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Sofia is Bulgaria’s biggest city and one of Europe’s most compact capital cities. We provide car hire in Sofia, car hire in Sofia Airport and all Bulgarian cities and Airports.

A lot of business tourists visit Sofia as well as travelers heading to the Black Sea or the ski resorts such as Bansko and Borovets. If you are going to visit Sofia and you haven’t book your car hire, you can do this using our car rental booking engine on the left side of the web site. We have office next to Sofia International Airport on “Brussels” 3 blvd. Top Rent A Car offers alsoholiday apartments. You can book cheap car hire at Sofia Airport from Top Rent A Car.
Sofia became preferred business destination for big corporations and investors during the last years and confident cosmopolitan European capital. In the streets of Sofia you can see next to the remains of Bulgaria’s long history, fancy shopping malls, five-star hotels and some of the best bars and clubs the country has to offer. Sofia is also vary green city - parklands within the city boundaries and the ski slopes and hiking trails of mighty Vitosha Mountain right on the doorstep.

Sofia is nevertheless an attractive tourist destination and cultured city with plenty to keep you browsing for several days or more. It has developed very quickly over recent years and if you are planning to visit the city you will enjoy the trendy international boutiques, hotels and casinos as well as the museums, art galleries, theatres, fine restaurants and clubs, you can find them all here.The best way to see all your places of interest is to rent a car. You can see our Sofia office location on the map below, or you can search quick and easy for car rentals with our booking engine at the left side of our web site.

Location: Sofia Airport 

B/w Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 
Address: 140 "Mimi Balkanska" str. 
Mobile.: +359 888 333 548 
Phone.: +359 2 9815381 

There is one place which is an example for quality and outstanding services. Every Bulgaria citizen is aware with “Sofia airport” and its importance for Bulgaria. Considering the strategic geographical location in Eastern Europe, Bulgaria is a bridge between Western Europe and Asia. “Sofia airport” provides the greater incoming flow of passengers and that’s why it is a very important. Many internationals flights make their stops into Bulgaria. As one of the most preferable tourist destinations in the Eastern Europe, this country is making effort in business and it’s normal to see all airports crowded with tourist during the summer season.

Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria and major economical and political centre. That is why “Sofia airport” offers a lot of attractive services to all domestic and international passengers. Stars from amazing and many of a kind free duty shops, pass through great variety of “one night” hotels and finish with the idea to get an advantage from the “car hire” option. This is not giving enough information about “Sofia airport”. Today, this airport is providing services for management with aircrafts, baggage, passengers and cargo. It’s working 65 prestige airlines and operates flight over Bulgaria and outside of it. Be aware that all crews are well trained with serious professional background. “Sofia airport” is the biggest international airport in Bulgaria. More than 5 million people operate in the airport, which includes: passengers, consignor and personnel.  

Being a tourist or even a citizen has a lot of advantages. Imagine that there is  a  flight delay of 24 hour or more, what are you going to do? Good accommodation for less money is available. Instead of getting a cab on your way to the hotel, you can choose to rent a car. In this case you will drive yourself in a short time. There is a  discount if you make your booking online. Especially, if you are fen of cars, you can explore many and different type of vehicles. For every type of car, there is a different price. For the smallest class vehicles, the amount stars from 20 euro per day including all types of insurances and 24 hours support. This is one easy way to try the Sofia roads for less money.

As you can see “Sofia airport” can offer to all of the passenger great varieties of entertainment in and outside the facility. One thing is important: no matter where you come from or how long will be your next flight, you can enjoy every free minute at the airport or to discover Sofia city. 

Sofia Museums

The National  Military History Museum
tel.: + 359 2 946 18 05 e-mail:
Working Hours: 10.00 to 18.00

Ethnographic Institute with Museum,
tel.:  +359 2 988 41 91 e-mail:

Earth and Man National Museum
tel.:  +359 2 865 66 39 e-mail
Working Hours: 10.00 to 18.00

National Museum of History
tel.: +359 2 955 42 80 e-mail:

Archaeology Museum
tel.: +359 2 988 24 06 e-mail:
Working Hours: 10:00 to 18:00.  edit

National Polytechnic Museum
tel.: +359 2 831 30 04 e-mail:
Working Hours: 09.00 to 17.00

Natural History Museum
tel.: + 359 2 987 41 95
Working Hours 10.00 to 18.00.

The House-Museum of Bulgaria’s most famous writer Ivan Vazov
Museum of Paleontology and historical geology
tel.: +359 2 930 82 00

Public Galleries

National Foreign Art Gallery
tel.: +359 2 988 49 22 e-mail:
Working Hours: 11:00 to 18:00

National Art Gallery
tel.: +359 2 980 00 93
Working Hours: 10:30 to 18:00

Sofia Art Gallery
tel.:  +359 2 987 21 81
Working Hours: 10:00 to 19:00

Sofia City Art Gallery
tel: +359 2 987 2181

Churches in Sofia

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Boyana Church
tel.: +359 2 959 09 39 e-mail:
Working Hours: 09:00 to 17:00.

St. George Church

Hagia Sophia Church

St. Joseph Catholic cathedral
tel.: 02/9815548 Holy Masses: SAT 5,30pm & SUN 10,30am bulgarian; 12,00pm latin; 6pm bulgarian
Other places of worship

Sofia Synagogue.
Working Hours: 09:00 to 16:30

Historical buildings in Sofia

The Amphitheatre of Serdica

Battenberg Mausoleum

The monument to Vasil Levski

The monument to the Tsar Liberator

The monument of the Unknown Soldier

Knyaz Battenberg Palace

Sofia Public Mineral Baths

City Parks and Squares

Sofia’s biggest city park is called “Borisova gradina”.

The City Garden is one of the oldest public gardens in Bulgaria. It exists since 1872.

Alexander Battenberg Square is big square in the centre of Sofia often used for big celebrations and demonstrations.  

Very famous in Bulgaria with its book market is the Slaveykov Square.

Another large open-air square is Patriarch Evtimiy Square.