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General information about St. Vlas

Beach umbrellas in St. Vlas
Beach umbrellas in St. Vlas

St. Vlas is a modern resort village located in the Southeastern part of the country. It is extremely preferred, because of its wonderful sea views, combined with the foot of the Stara planina Mountain. St. Vlas is located very near to the biggest Bulgarian sea resort Sunny Beach - only 5 km away, on 48 km from Burgas and 90 km from Varna. The location of the resort is very convenient, and that's why it is highly visited and liked by the visitors from the country and abroad. St. Vlas has a good infrastructure and a lot of good offers for accommodation in luxury hotels next to the sea. The uniquely clear air combined with the aroma of the sea breeze guarantee a great sea vacation. Except the ideal offers for accommodations, the resort St. Vlas has many opportunities for spending a great time - restaurant, pubs and others.

The proximity to the other resorts on the coast, and the fast and easy access to it, make it the right choice for a complete holiday. An interesting sight is the new luxury yacht port, which offers the service for rent a yacht. In addition the resort village has a rich historical past. It is considered that it was established by the Thracians in 2 century, and later in 14 century was named with the name St. Vlas. St. Vlas is the patron saint of the merchants and livestock farmers. In the area around there were 4 monasteries in the past. The beaches of St. Vlas are extremely beautiful - with fine and clear gold sand. The climate is very pleasant - sea climate, with a bit influence of the mountain. The winter here is short, and the temperatures are comparatively high. In St. Vlas is located the picturesque place for junketing on the beach. There could be seen the combination of sea, small meadow, small forest, cliffs and a small beach. The proximity of Sunny Beach gives the possibility to visit a lot of places with very rich night life on the biggest sea resort in Bulgaria.

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Tourist sites around St. Vlas

Beach in St. Vlas
Beach in St. Vlas
  • The architecture and historical reserve Nessebar, which is one of the oldest towns in Europe. In the past it was known with the old name Mesembria. Nessebar has preserved successfully much of its ancient historical heritage - old buildings and artifacts. The town is extremely picturesque and is divided to 2 parts - new and old. Nessebar is very preferred, because of its stoned beautiful streets and wonderful architecture.
  • Sunny Beach. It is the biggest Black sea resort in the country. There is diversity of attractions for the visitors and many luxury hotels, restaurants, complexes and others.

Sport activities:

In the area could be practiced many sports as: water sports: water ball, surfing, sailing, beach volleyball and others. The beautiful region is extremely suitable for cycling and walks in the mountain. Camps – there are a few fully furnished camps nearby. The camps offer great possibilities for relaxing sea holiday.

Events and night life in the area

Yachts in St. Vlas
Yachts in St. Vlas
Near St. Vlas is located Sunny beach, which offers non-stop parties, concerts and shows of famous national and world musicians.

Some of the most – popular clubs:

  • Cacao Beach
  • Dance club Mania
  • Bedroom
  • Orange Disco
  • Iceberg party club
  • Disco club AMORA

The feast of the resort village is celebrating on 2nd of May - which is Atanasov den too. It is celebrated with an international regatta near Nessebar and St. Vlas. Moreover, St. Vlas rally was held too. You can visit all these sites with rental car from Top Rent A Car.

The best hotels in St. Vlas according to Trip Advisor are:

  • Prima Sol & Sineva Park
  • Caesar Palace
  • Panorama Fort Beach Complex
  • PrimaSol Sineva Beach
  • Paradise Beach

The most preferred restaurants in St. Vlas according to Trip Advisor are:

Water attractions in St. Vlas
Water attractions in St. Vlas
  • Vodopadi
  • Kotva
  • Gloria Mar Restaurant St. Vlas
  • Bolero Bar
  • Pizza-Restaurant
  • Morris

Car hire in St. Vlas 

If your start point is Burgas, you could take your rental car from our office at Burgas Airport or from some of the offices located near the shopping centers - Plaza and Galeria Mall. Top Rent A Car has also an office in Sunny Beach - on the junction for Nessebar, where you could take fast and easy your rental car. If you would like to receive your car on address, you could order delivery or transfer to your hotel in St. Vlas. Top Rent A Car makes deliveries to all sea resorts in Bulgaria.

Top Rent A Car - office Nessebar/Sunny Beach
Top Rent A Car - office Nessebar/Sunny Beach

Dinevi marina at St Vlas resort by Boby Dimitrov [ CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons