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House Museum "Vasil Levski"
House Museum "Vasil Levski"

Karlovo is a beautiful town with a rich historical past. It is located in the central part of the country, at the foot of Stara Planina. It is famous as the hometown of the Apostle of freedom Vasil Levski. The favorable climate of the locality has a crucial role about the Rose Valley which surrounded it. It is located 146 km from Sofia, 264 of Bourgas and 355 km from Varna. The area is great for relaxing and hikers. Plan your trip with a rental car from Top Rent A Car, to visit the town of Karlovo.


The area was inhabited since ancient times, there were found the remains of Thracian settlements. At the end of the 15th century, part of the land, houses and all transactions are donated to the Turkish dignitary Karla Ali Bey by Sultan Bayezid Khan. He has ordered to built the famous "Kourshum mosque" that exists today. In 17c. the settlement began increasingly to resemble a city. It became the center of the whole Gyopsa (Sryamska district) and changed its name on Karlyova - Land of Karla.

Karlovo baths
Karlovo baths
According to legend Karlyova name means "snowy field" and has Turkish origin. It is believed that it has been given by Turkish immigrants, because at the first winter snow many of them were died of frostbite. In Karlovo number of crafts flourishe, most famously was homespun, goldsmith, cutlery, copper, painting. During the liberation was a very popular woolen braiding. There has been developed and viticulture, horticulture, cattle and rose production.

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Cultural monuments

City Historical Museum - It is a valuable architectural and historical monument created in 1871.

House Museum "Vasil Levski" - here has been lived one of the greatest bulgarians of all time-Vasil Levski. With his dedication and patriotic spirit, it is one of the most important factors for the liberation of Bulgaria.

Monument of Vasil Levski - the monument of the Apostle of Freedom depicts his full-length figure with a lion to him and a gun in his hand.


Suchurum waterfall - it is part of the reserve above the town of Karlovo. There are also the home of culture, cross and Hunting Park.
Karlovo Falls - Not far from town is this 15 meter waterfall. In summer it is a favorite place for relaxation for tourists and locals because of its coolness. A few km from Karlovo is the spa resort of Karlovski bathrooms, which is of national importance.
Nearby is also located Domlyan Dam, which is a great place for hiking and camping outdoors.
Another interesting attraction in the area is fortress Anevsko Kale, which is well preserved monument of Bulgarian architecture and culture in the Middle Ages.

These are just a few of the wonderful opportunities that the region offers. Plan your journey to this exclusive area with car rental from Top Rent a Car.

According to Trip Advisor the best hotels in Karlovo are:

  • Hotel Hanat
  • Hotel Deloni

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Karlovo By Mihal Orela (Own work) [ CC-BY-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons