VW Passat Automatic + NAVI

Brief description

The new Volkswagen Passat sedan vehicle with automatic transmission offers its consumers high technological novelties for a better and easier driving experience and entire feeling of convenience. Due to its intuitive controlling functions every journey turns into an experience at a high level of comfort.

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Rating 94.1 % / 100 %
(129 reviews)

Expert Opinion of Top Rent A Car

The vehicle is provided with an easily controlled steering wheel, 7-stage DSG automatic transmission, comfortable seats and a huge coupe. These and many more are the extras which contribute to the thorough feeling of comfort. Its spacious interior design and the large luggage-carrier make this new vehicle an excellent choice for both family and business trips. In this car everything is placed where it should be.

Technical specifications

Brand VW Seats 5
Model Passat Fuel tank volume 66 l
Coupe type Sedan Fuel consumption 6,2 l/100 km
Fuel type Gasoline Volume of trunk 586 - 1152  l
Gearbox Automatic HP 150  
Doors 4 Volume of engine 1498cm3


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