VW ID.3 58 kWh

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Brief description of VW ID.3

Specious interior and easy to drive are just two ways in which we can describe the new Volkswagen ID.3. Everything you need is displayed on the 5.3 inch infotainment screen, drive selection happens through the lever behind the steering wheel.

VW ID.3 + NAVI 58 kWh CDAE
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Expert opinion by Top Rent A Car

Everything is in your sight with just one glance the radio, navigation or phone. You can control all of these just by using your voice. You just have to say "Hello ID". Renting the VW ID.3 gives you a compact car for the city which is easy to park and at the same time enough space for trips with your family. Driving is smooth and acceleration to 100 km per hour takes only 7.3 seconds thanks to the absence of gears and shifting.

Rent the NEW VW ID.3 and take a glimpse in to the new era of electric mobility.

Why rent an electric car?

Why rent an electric car?

Charging VW ID.3

The battery has a usable capacity of 58 kWh. The electric car is equipped with an internal charger, which offers AC charging with power up to 11 kW. It is fully charged from the household electrical network about 30 hours. If you charge from the public network, it would take you about 6 hours on an AC station and about 40 minutes on a DC station.

The connectors that the VW ID.3 has are:
- for slow charging station AC - Type 2
- for fast charging station DC - CCS

In the trunk of this rental electric car you will find a Type 2 to Type 2 charging cable.

*Note that charging time may vary significantly depending on the type and power of the charging station, as well as the outside temperature.

Technical specifications

Brand VW Battery capacity 58 kWh
Model ID.3 Maximum mileage (WLTP) 420 km*
Coupe type Hatchback Maximum speed 160 km/h
Fuel type Electricity Average consumption 15.5 kWh /100 km
Seats 5 Acceleration from 0 to 100 km 7.3 sec  
Doors 5 Power 152 kW (204 hp)  
Trunk volume 385-1267 l Weight 1719 kg
Drive wheel Rear-wheel drive

* Note that mileage varies depending on driving style, load or heating use.


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