Opel Mokka-e 50 kWh

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Brief description of Opel Mokka-e

One of the most popular and therefore best-selling electric vehicles in the SUV segment in Germany in 2022 is now available for rent with us. With its bold and clean design, this electric vehicle stands out from the rest on the road. Improvements in the Opel Mokka-e make the model more powerful, more efficient and more irresistible. With the new 50 kWh battery, you can travel up to 338 kilometers (based on WLTP) on a single charge.

OPEL Mokka-e 50 kWh DDAE
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Expert opinion by Top Rent A Car

The driver of the Opel Mokka-e can choose between three driving modes - Eco, Normal and Sport, and driving the electric car itself is comfortable and with good visibility. As with almost all new cars, you can connect your phone to the car via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in order to use your phone's navigation and apps through the car's built-in screens.
With the new electric drive and larger battery, the Mokka-e is more powerful, more efficient and better, and you will impress with its beautiful design, modern interior and premium equipment. Rent it and enjoy it.

Why rent an electric car?

Why rent an electric car?

Charging Opel Mokka-e

The battery has a usable capacity of 46.3 kWh. The electric car is equipped with an internal charger, which offers AC charging with power up to 11 kW. It is fully charged from the household electrical network in 14 hours 45 min. If you charge from the public network, it would take up to 5 hours on an AC station and about 26 minutes on a DC station.

The connectors that the Opel Mokka-e has are:
- for slow charging station AC - Type 2
- for fast charging station DC - CCS

*Note that charging time may vary significantly depending on the type and power of the charging station, as well as the outside temperature.

Technical specifications

Brand Opel Battery capacity 50 kWh (usable 46.3 kWh)
Model Mokka-e Maximum mileage (WLTP) 338 km*
Coupe type SUV Maximum speed 150 km/h
Fuel type Electricity Average consumption 15.8-16.2 kWh /100 km
Seats 5 Acceleration from 0 to 100 km 9.2 sec  
Doors 5 Power 100 kW (136 hp)  
Trunk volume 310-1060 l Weight 1523 kg
Drive wheel Front-wheel drive

* Note that mileage varies depending on driving style, load or heating use.


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