Top Rent A Car Fleet 2016

Top Rent A Car makes the customers happy with its new car fleet!

Once again Top Rent A Car offers brand new, favorite models in combination with perfect service and competitive prices.

The company offers more than 800 cars from the biggest European and world manufacturers, as more than 80% of the vehicles are brand new! The customers could choose between the latest models of the industry`s leaders as: Volkswagen, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Renault и Mercedes-Benz. All offered cars are with advanced equipment, and the premium classes and SUVs are with high level equipment and many extras as well!
Among the latest new services of the company are guarantee of year of production, make, model, transmission type and fuel type for some classes -the service is new not only for the domestic market, but is exclusively offered by Top Rent A Car.
You could find more detailed information about the cars and their specifications, or directly making a search in 3 easy steps for the chosen period.

In addition to the standard services for rent a car, is exclusively offered the famous model by Renault – Twizy, which is very loved and preferred especially during the summer season.

Recently the company had the pleasure to expand it services offering something for the business sector as well. Top Rent A Car offers latest models Cargo Cars and minibuses with diversity of sizes and volumes of the transport size at best prices!

Top Rent A Car offers diversity of new and preferred models, competitive prices and excellent service!

You could take a look at renewed car fleet of Top Rent A Car

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