Defeated! Rental Agents: “We’ve tried our best!”

Top Rent A Car Football Team
“All The Rest” clinched the Top Rent A Car classic derby and set a new goalscoring record with a sensational destruction of the agent team at the Sea Garden Football Fields. The final result is Rental Agents: 0, All The Rest: 5!


“The Rest”was given the best possible start by Plamen in the first minutes. For the next 10 minutes they gave their fans some anxious moments. The game changed on a nice attack on the half-hour when Niki Raykov was clearly brought down by “The Agents” defender Daniel. Drago scored the free kick. In the 30th minute the title was sealed as Plamen and Rodi combined and Drago almost walk the ball into the net.

Two minutes later All The Rest’s fans were in dreamland when a cross from Drago was volleyed home at the far post by Niki Raykov. Few minutes later in the 63rd minute the Ivan rose highest at the far post to head Drago’s cross into the net and make it 5-0.

The football saga continues for both teams. Stay tuned, more games are coming!

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