The plant in Lovech produced its first car

Cars for sale will be available in the beginning of the next year both at home and abroad,  plans “Litex Motors”

The first car “Great Wall” of the test production is ready. It started in the factory of the company “Litex Motors” near Lovech, they reported from there.

The produced car is Great Wall Voleex C10.

Thus began testing and synchronization of the equipment and assembly lines of the factory and implementation of a quality system for the cars manufacturing.

Inspections of the installations at the plant will continue until the end of the year.

Company plans

The plans of “Litex Motors” are cars to be ready for the markets here and abroad in the beginning of the next year.

About then is also planned the official opening of the plant.

Due to the large interest of the consumers dealer network in the country started with Great Wall cars imported October this year, explained from “Litex Motors”.

So far there are over 150 applications for the various models.

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