Misleading direction signs. Where to be careful when you travel?

We’d like to focus the attention of the car hire travelers from Varna to Burgas. Pay attention of the direction signs when travel, because it is possible to be confused.

The exit of Aheloy

Example of such direction signs are those on the exit of Aheloy.
May be people who regularly travel know the route very well, but for the rest it would be a real challenge to choose the right direction if miss the first direction sign in the city. The possibility to miss this sign is not little at all, especially in the busy summer traffic and the presence of distracting objects around it like gas station’s price board, and flags. Once passed the sign, it is too late to react.
Just after the exit sign of Aheloy the road splits into two. We believe that it is correct another sign to be put there so not to be confused which way to choose if you miss the first one. But you know what? There is a sign telling you to turn right, and after it there is a direction sign to Burgas. Too late! With that speed and traffic there is no way to react, so be very careful!

Stara Zagora-Burgas

Another area you should focus on is Stara Zagora-Burgas, out of the town towards the highway. Unlike the previous situation, you can see 2 large signboards before the split. Both have Sofia, Burgas to the right and Haskovo – straight. The first thing when you see two signs in a row with same information is to believe them. So if you want to go to Burgas you should turn right. But, once you’ve chosen the right lane you’ll notice that there is a sign ONLY for Sofia and there in no way back, because you’re on your way to the highway. The sign to Burgas and the correct turn is may be 100 meters after the first one, remember that if you don’t want to drive 50 km to go back!

During the summer there is more traffic than usual, be careful if you don’t want to get lost!
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