Some of the most fascinating places to live in

Has it ever happened to you, when traveling around the world to be on places you don’t want to leave? Such places that are so charming and fascinating and you’d like to stay there forever. Now we’ll show you some of them:

  • Amsterdam, Holland

    – The name of the city means “a dam of the river Amstel – Amstelredamme”. Originating as a small fishing village in the late 12th century now the population is about 1,3 mi. The architecture and everything else is Dutch style. Locals like to say that it is possible to visit any place by boat or by bicycle. Rivers and channels are connected into a big network, helping for easy movement from place to place and the and flat terrain makes it easy for cycling (it is the most preferred transport in the Netherlands). One of the most remarkable and charming things in Amsterdam is the mixture of different cultures. This is the city where you can find more than 185 different cultures, like no other place in the world.

  • Ghent, Belgium

    – Ghent is a great tourist destination with all of its sites and cultural monuments, but the thing that is most attractive for the tourists is the beer. Belgium produces over 800 varieties of beer, some of them 400-500 years old. One Belgian politician describes the social role of the beer like that: “The wine lovers talk to the glass, and the beer lovers with their neighbors”. If we leave this aside, Ghent is an amazing place for a vacation: stone bridges over the river, narrow cobblestone street and all these cozy little restaurants – fairy tail!

  • Plovdiv, Bulgaria

    – Plovdiv is one of the oldest cities in Europe – dating to roughly 4000 BC. Trimontium (Plovdiv) was an important crossroad for the Roman Empire and was called “The largest and most beautiful of all cities”. During those period there was increased construction – numerous well preserved artifacts from the city can be seen nowadays: cobbled streets, walls, buildings and others. When you visit Bulgaria do not miss to visit Plovdiv by car rental.

  • Istanbul, Turkey

    – Istanbul is one of the biggest cities in Europe and in the world (Population – 13,5 mi people). It is the only one situated on 2 continents. It served as an imperial capital for the Roman, the Byzantine, the Latin and the Ottoman empires, but never was a capital of Turkey. In 2010 it was named a European Capital of Culture, making the city the world’s fifth-most-popular tourist destination (with 7 mi foreign visitors). The city now known as Istanbul developed to become one of the most significant cities in history, so there is a lot be seen there.

These were our offers for some of the most fascinating places to live in. Don’t miss a chance to visit a new, interesting and full of emotions destination.