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  • Friday the 13th

    Friday the 13th

    Friday the 13th


    Considered as “Black Friday” every Friday the 13th brings fear in the people. They refuse to fly by plane and to travel at all. Restaurants and bars remain half-empty. But of course this concerns only those people who are considered to be unhappy, because it is more likely for them to believe in superstitions.

    All the others who are happy with their life and enjoy it can benefit from these circumstances. It will be easier for them to find airline tickets, to book a hotel, to rent a car and also they will be able to dine at their favorite restaurant without the boring waiting.

  • Terminal 2 of Varna Airport is officially opened – Top Rent A Car with new rental office

    During the last week the new Terminal 2 of Varna Airport was officially opened. Our new rental office was introduced to visitors and renters.
    It’s a pleasure to introduce to all our customers who are flying to Varna Airport, that after 27th ot august all flights and visitors will be serviced by the new terminal. You are welcomed to our new office.


    The investment of “Fraport Twin Star Airport Management” in the terminal and related infrastructure over 75 million lev. The building covers an area of about 20,000 square meters, which is 3 times the area of the old terminal. In a month will be opened Terminal 2 at Burgas Airport, where Top Rent A Car also has a brand new year round office.

    Short video of the ceremony in Arrivals Hall

    See some pictures of the opening ceremony

    Terminal 2, Varna Airport

    Terminal 2, Varna Airport (Photo: v-k. Cherno More)

  • Watch our new video

    We introduce you our new video This new video presentation, was made in Burgas Airport and Burgas downtown. You can see short presentation of the airport car rental service we provide. The company who did the shooting was FOX40 (US-television). An interview of our company manager, was included in documentary about the business climate in […]

  • My Top loyalty program

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    My Top loyalty program for regular clients, guarantees additional discount based on the number of the bookings you have made on our website. The amount of the discount vary between 3 and 15% (in addition to our online discount). Becoming a loyal client gives you not just price preferences, but other benefits too!

  • Web-exclusive Q&A

    Auto Rental News
    We proudly present to our auditorium the web-exclusive Q&A in Auto Rental News. If there is a need to be written something about the biggest US auto rental magazine, it will be as follows: Auto Rental News brand including the magazine, website, e-newsletter, tradeshow and social media. It supports the car and truck rental industry.

  • Top Rent A Car Teambuilding 2011

    The beautiful nature of Elena Balkan with its fresh air and breathtaking sightseeing, has gathered the team of Top Rent A Car. Team separated hundreds of kilometers far from each other but now together. Event which was curious for everyone and was going to change the working environment into a different one.

  • Book with facebook

    Facebook page of Top Rent A Car Check out our new Facebook fan page. We have improved the functionality also, by integrating Facebook reservation widget. We have changed the design of our Facebook page and not only this, but also making your social network experience better by integrating booking widget for Facebook car hire reservation. […]