• Top Rent A Car with interns from Russia

    We are pleased to introduce the new internship project of Top Rent A Car – where Russians are working for 1 month in our offices. Watch our short interview with Artem Padin. Eva Marinova from Top Rent A Car asks him few questions about his job in one of the busiest offices during the summer […]

  • Summer Air Show by Top Rent A Car

    Top Rent A Car surprised thousands of tourist on the crowded Bulgarian beaches! We continue our policy of innovation and out-of-the-box approach to our current and potential customers. This time, we prepared surprise by making attractive air show with delta plane on all of the Bulgarian beaches from Kavarna to Primorsko. You can rarely see […]

  • Varna – Candidate for European capital of culture 2019

    The city of Varna is one of the candidates for European capital of culture in 2019.

    Brief information about the event

    The European Capital of Culture event is an idea of the European Union. The point of it is to be chosen a city where to be to organized series of cultural events with a strong European dimension. This will be great opportunity for Varna to generate considerable cultural, social and economic benefits. We believe that it will change the city’s image and raise its visibility for the tourists and guests of the city.

  • luggage lost on plane

    What to do in case of lost luggage on the plane

    Useful tips to get back your lost belongings

    You know that feeling when the plane touches the ground – the urge to leave it as soon as possible, especially after a long flight. The rush to get to the earth quickly often leads to forgotten items. Mostly, these items are little electronic gadgets, such as cell phones or smart phones, tablets, mp3 players, or books and toiletries. Sometimes people do tend to forget luggage separate from the suitcases, which is not in ordinary wrappings.

    If you realized that you forgot something right after you left the plane and you a still on the terminal, you have a really good chance to get it back right away.

    First you need to go back to the gate and contact the agents as soon as possible and if the plane has not been clean yet, they may assist you to find it. Be prepared with your seat number, so they could locate the item faster.

  • Busiest airport

    How to find a cheap flight tickets

    Useful tips for low cost flight tickets Look at these 7 tips, it will save you time and money when you are looking for low cost flights. 1. Allow as much as possible time when you are looking for low cost flight. Last minute bookings are often bad ideas, because the time for reaction will […]

  • VW Passat – video presentation

    Short video presentation of VW Passat We made a short video presentation of the luxury car VW Passat, offered by Top Rent A Car. It is perfect decision for business, and is excellent for those, who like a lot of extras, lux and style. Its design is very modern and beautiful. The automatic transmission gives […]

  • Chevrolet Aveo – video presentation

    Short video presentation Chevrolet Aveo We made short video presentation of one of the most preferred and popular vehicle Chevrolet Aveo, offered by Top Rent A Car. Chevrolet Aveo is convinient, reliable and spacious representative of the compact class. The design is modern and is typical for the brand. You could see the car from […]