• 10 of the most annoying hotel room issues

    The list includes some issues that we know and there are more for sure. We’ve added some tips on how to deal with the issues and to spend your time better. Not enough sockets Nowadays most of us are traveling with cell phone, laptop or tablet. When you finally arrive in the hotel room and you want to charge the battery of your […]

  • Souvenir from Bulgaria

    The tourists are very excited when visiting new place, discovering unknown culture and a whole new world. We will offer you some unique souvenirs and gifts from our country. Drinks The connoisseurs of good wine must take advantage of the wonderful Bulgarian wines. Bulgaria is one of the largest wine producers in Europe. Three Bulgarian […]

  • Women found python in their car rental

    Two women pick up a car rental at Logan International Airport in Boston and put their luggage in the trunk. Women found the 120 cm (4-foot) snake curled up next to their bags. “They were pretty shaken up,” Kennebunk Deputy Police Chief Dan Jones said. “They wanted a new rental car even after we removed […]

  • Sea offers

    Inspired of the great article in we decided to introduce you some of the places on the Southern Black Sea coast that you shouldn’t miss. These are places that you can enjoy the pleasure of the food and the drinks. They are located on exotic places and they’re so cozy. Our Top 5 offers […]

  • Best of Grand auto 2014

    The annual event – Grand Auto, which takes place in Varna surprises the fans again with its offers. Magnificent new models do not stop to attract the attention of the passers-by. One of the most attractive models undoubtedly is the representative of the Bavarian automaker – BMW. M6 Gran Coupe hides an impressive 560 horsepower […]

  • Alley of olympic sports that made Varna famous

    One of the most enjoyable places where you can have a walk in Varna is located in the Sea Garden. This is a place where you can just get away from the everyday life and enjoy the beautiful view or to do some outdoor activity. It’s called “Alley of Olympic sports that made Varna famous […]

  • The castle in Ravadinovo

    Perhaps only few of you have heard of it, and those who have seen it tell stories about it. Sounds interesting and mysterious, right? Its name is “In love with the wind” – a fairy castle, who attracts everyone who see it. It’s like from another time, unreal and mystical. When you’re there you feel […]

  • Saint Anastasia Island

    Island “St. Anastasia” opened its doors to visitors on May 15 this year after it was fully restored and turned into a tourist attraction within the project of the Municipality. Every day to the Isle of Burgas has five courses, which were carried out by three ships. Apart from Burgas to “St. Anastasia” every day […]

  • Natural Parks in Bulgaria

    The tourists can enjoy 11 Natural Parks in Bulgaria, visited by 10 milion people every year. These parks are Bulgaria’s wealth. They turned the country into a desired destination.  Vitosha – the oldest nature park, it covers 27 sq km. The highest peak – Cherni vrah Rila Monastery – visited of more than 1/2 million people every […]

  • Top Rent A Car with interns from Russia

    We are pleased to introduce the new internship project of Top Rent A Car – where Russians are working for 1 month in our offices. Watch our short interview with Artem Padin. Eva Marinova from Top Rent A Car asks him few questions about his job in one of the busiest offices during the summer […]