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  • Renault Fluence 2014 – video presentation

    Short video presentation of Renault Fluence 2014 We made a short video presentation of the long-awaited car Renault Fluence, offered by Top Rent A Car. Renault Fluence is a modern car with contemporary vision, numerous facilities, comfortable cabin and a relatively large trunk. The car attracts the attention with specific aerodynamic design, rounded shapes and […]

  • Ford Fiesta 2014 – video presentation

    Short video presentation of Ford Fiesta 2014. We made a short video presentation of brand new car Ford Fiesta 2014 from Top Rent A Car. Ford Fiesta is a beautiful car with modern design. The new in this model is a bit agressive mask and the modern interior. In this video you could see all […]

  • Happy March the 3rd to all Bulgarians!

    Historical facts

    On 3 March is celebrated national gala day of Bulgaria. This day marks the end of the war for the liberation of Bulgaria between Russia and the Ottoman Empire. In San Stefano peace treaty was signed, according to which all Bulgarian territories were released.

    3mart Happy March the 3rd to all Bulgarians!

    Battle of the national liberation war


  • Sochi 2014

    sochi Sochi 2014

    Fisht Olimpic Stadium – Sochi

    The Winter Olympic Games is a major international sporting event that occurs once every four years. Find out the most important information about Sochi 2014 and enjoy your favorite winter sports and athletes. The opening ceremony is only 2 days from now, don’t miss it!

  • How to defrost your car

    Expert opinion of Top Rent A Car

    For sure a lot of drivers have used to find in the morning that their vehicle had been frozen. Many of them do not know what to do, or do not have enough time to react. So when you hear about the weather, that the night will be very cold and there will be precipitation of snow, prepare to become early and you can safely solve the problem.

  • CARSSOFIA: low cost car rentals in Sofia

    saxo rental 300x181 CARSSOFIA: low cost car rentals in SofiaAfter the successful start of CARSVARNA ( and CARSBURGAS (, TOP RENT A CAR’s corporate portfolio added the brand new CARSSOFIA (

    Our low cost brands, specialized in providing extremely affordable car rental service have increased by one – CARSSOFIA. The company will service Sofia and the region, as well as the winter resorts Bansko and Borovets. The prices start from 6 euro/day for the long rentals (only 7 euro/day for weekly rental) manual gearbox cars and from 7 euro/day for the automatic g.b. cars.

  • New Terminal 2 at Burgas Airport: officially opened!

    Finally, the brand new terminal 2 at Burgas Airport is open for passengers.

    All flights soon will be redirected from T2 to the new T2. It can service 2500 peope per hour, which was announced by the Transport Ministry. On the area of ​​21000 square meters operate 31 check-in counters, which can process documents of 1250 arriving and departing passengers equally, or 2500 all together. The number of passengers that could be serviced per year is 2.7 millions.

    Watch the video from the official opening ceremony here:

    Designed by UK-based architects Halcrow Group, Pascall+Watson in partnership with SavantElbul of Bulgaria, Burgas terminal is said to integrate characteristic elements of Bulgarian nature – such as the rose, a national symbol – and architecture. Investment in design and construction of the terminal by the concessionaire “Fraport” is worth 80 million BGN (about 40 million EUR).

  • The 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show – Part 2

    2014 Green Car of the Year

    Green Car Journal’s “Top 5 Green Cars for 2014” Award

    “Green Car Product of Excellence” honors

    The LA Auto Show 2013 have presented one contest focused on the intersection of automobiles, energy, environment, high fuel efficiency, low emission, advanced technology,  and alternative fuel vehicles.

    The Finalists:

    - Audi A6 TDI – 3.0-liter TDI clean diesel, 240 HP. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimated  38 highway mpg;
    - BMW 328d – 2.0-liter TwinPower TwinPower clean diesel, 180 HP. EPA estimated 45 highway mpg;
    - Honda Accord - V-6 hybrid power. EPA estimated 34-36 highway mpg;
    - Mazda3 – 2.5 i-ELOOP. EPA estimated 38 highway mpg;
    - Toyota Corolla – 1.8-liter Eco version, 140 HP. EPA estimated 42 highway mpg;

  • Los Angeles Auto Show 2013 – Part 1

    History and facts about the Los Angeles Auto Show

    logo la auto show Los Angeles Auto Show 2013   Part 1 - Founded in 1907;
    - Best – attended auto show globally;
    - Spans more than 870,000 square feet;
    - Each November  gathers the auto industry considering the future of mobility in the car culture;
    - Nation’s Biggest car buying market;
    - Worldwide media – (4,000 people from more than 50 countries);
    - More than 12,000 auto industry decision;
    - 900,000 guests over the course of ten exciting days.